Falling out of love

once upon a time

there was a day when hours stretched as if they were from chewing gum
all trees were snowing
transforming us to elders way too soon
I knew that if I hold your hand I can't die
we danced as two silent kids.

you hold me into your arms. both became feathery
until we let the town behind us and we were higher than god
inside the darkness I felt your eyes burning me
and I wasn't afraid
you see. that's not so damn poetry.

poetry happens when you're inside a tram and with your forehead pressed to the window
you cry until a stranger's child shivers
poetry happens when you smoke secretly and your heart coughs from yearning
poetry happens when all men have someone else's lips
when phones lay closed for days
because nothing really matters anymore
poetry happens when I feel that I will decay
that in the bus station I'll become transparent and people will understand
poetry is happening right now as I wear black mourning our love
which was only born in a dream
from which I wake up just to fell a little more.

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About A boy and a girl

Heartache, pain

I'm freezing my buns off in this pouring rain

I keep playing the conversation back in my head over and over again

wondering how things started.

the beginning, the middle , and the end.

Now that things are over and its far from when we met last October.

I couldn't be anymore aware of what I missed out on while you were still there.

Sorry this is not a story about changing the world.

its just a story about a boy and girl who fell in love.

Then they fell apart.

their love became cold and so dud their hearts.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

um..this poem was off the top of my head so if it sucks..now you know why

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The Somebody After Somebody's Somebody

Being the somebody after somebody's somebody

and even though my head is on your chest

I can tell that

your heart is somewhere else


Being the somebody after somebody's somebody

and even though your mouth is on my face

I can tell that

your eyes are looking the other way

Familiar Stranger


Dear stranger,


How are you? 
Me, I couldn't be better,

   considering the
   storm that ripped me to
    a thousand pieces.

Try hard as I could,
I can't conjure your
    image anymore.

Not so long gone, I
   fought for sanity,
   swimming back to the
   distant  shores.
The storm of lukewarm feelings,

   pushed me further into seas.
So I shut my thoughts,
    as I shut my world.
When my mind opened,
    you were a stranger.
My heart recognized
    you from a far past.
A familiar face,
     familiar stranger.
 Someone I once loved...


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