Faith Too


Faith TOO

Faith, you cannot see
Just confidence in divinity
Whatever your adopted religion
That’s only if you got one

God isn’t solely the preserve
Of religion, anyone can be heard
Regardless of colour or creed
Can instantly connect: divinity

But faith is more than that
It is the ultimate sat nav
With nothing to hold onto
Or at least anything visible

God is programmed out of you
At an early age: true
Telling you nothing is real
If you can’t give it a feel

And all faiths around the world
We all share the same word
With or without your scripture
Ultimately, it is if you care

A good book is only optional
In anyone's quest to find god
Live and breath him in you daily
Including your Sabbath n Sunday

for all of you doubting Thomas's
Who don’t believe god exists
ever prayed in your life?
Don’t knock it till you try it

My definition of god is not
For sure the one that you got
Every time god’s mentioned
I really don’t think of heaven

Just about a missing apostrophe
Is more than one god you see
The true state of the divine
There Is nothing more sublime

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