Life of an Indian student.

A smart boy he is they said,
Engineering is what they put in my head;
I always thought before i went to bed,
Should i follow the path they led?

But i’m Indian, i had no choice,
Went to college like the other boys;
I had sacrificed all my joys,
Education to me was a noise.

That’s when I met this friend,
A girl so kind, she was a godsend;
Thats when i thought my misery would end,
I was happy, hoped it’d never end.

But life never works the way we plan,
Thats the worst part of being a man;
Her friends hated me and my misery began,
And I felt as colourless as a furfuran.

In all my subjects i started to fail,
And my backlogs started to tail;
From these bindings I wanted to bail,
But i am an Indian and cannot vail.

Respect from the society I lost,
My image as a man began to frost;
I’m trying my best to accost,
But in India, you have to pay the cost.

The only thing i have now is Love,
She is the only one who sees above
All my failures and disrespect people shove;
She knows someday i’d hove.

I pray our children would never face,
The fear of losing this mighty race,
I hope they get to tread in their own pace,
But I’m an Indian and thats not the case.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the story of my life. Disrespected by society just because i did not clear my subjects in engineering. This has to change.

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The Attempted Escape

The Attempted Escape

Bolting towards the open feilds trying to elude its grasp
Running wildly past the trees attempting to resist its painful clasp
Hoping it wont capture me as I race through the night
Carelessly leaving a trail; keeping me in its line of sight
Glancing back; seeing it is still on my tail
Realizing that it would take my mind and eventually prevail
Exhausted and now staggering, I cannot run anymore
Losing my will to resist, quickly hitting the dirt floor
My mind is now invaded and my thoughts now forgone
Being dragged back with it, failing to have pressed on

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Sunrise glints across the water
I stand watching my family
Have fun with me the bystander
Just standing as the wannabe

Lush water wafting up to my ankles
Shading darker as deeper
Splashes get to me and trickle
Down my spine invoking shiver

I'm not alone as I sit
Not brave enough for hydrotherapy
On the menacing beach a hypocrit
Since I spoke before ability to see

Carnal footsteps follow me
On the walk back a wimp
With my earnest cold family
Trudging to our inocculate camp

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this, and two other poems while in lake tahoe in July of 2011. The other two i wrote are better. If you enjoyed this, please read my others.

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