Life of an Indian student.

A smart boy he is they said,
Engineering is what they put in my head;
I always thought before i went to bed,
Should i follow the path they led?

But i’m Indian, i had no choice,
Went to college like the other boys;
I had sacrificed all my joys,
Education to me was a noise.

That’s when I met this friend,
A girl so kind, she was a godsend;
Thats when i thought my misery would end,
I was happy, hoped it’d never end.

But life never works the way we plan,
Thats the worst part of being a man;
Her friends hated me and my misery began,
And I felt as colourless as a furfuran.

In all my subjects i started to fail,
And my backlogs started to tail;
From these bindings I wanted to bail,
But i am an Indian and cannot vail.

Respect from the society I lost,
My image as a man began to frost;
I’m trying my best to accost,
But in India, you have to pay the cost.

The only thing i have now is Love,
She is the only one who sees above
All my failures and disrespect people shove;
She knows someday i’d hove.

I pray our children would never face,
The fear of losing this mighty race,
I hope they get to tread in their own pace,
But I’m an Indian and thats not the case.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the story of my life. Disrespected by society just because i did not clear my subjects in engineering. This has to change.

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