Ballad of the broken

I gave in
Silently crying
Loudly pleading for help
Nobody came
When i finally opened up threats were made
Actions weren't taken
Talk IS cheap
Light surrounded me but yet,
The darkness still took over
Once again i opened up
Tears of blood flowing
Threats were made and quickly shut down
Light came
Vanishing the darkness to the depths of my heart
Broken by love and friendship
Still, nights were heart wrenching
Will the light keep me?
Or banish me to hell.

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Emo Overload

Would it matter?
Will it change anything?
I wish I have been smarter
My useless pondering

I never should have tried
But dreaming was not enough
Now I must suffer and hide
Fate being too tough

The world would continue spinning
Like an apathetic fool
While I’ll be here thinking
I’m a worthless tool

Diagnosis of a failed attempt
Horizon’s hazy at best
Synopsis of discontent
A tragic ending to a crucial test

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Feeding on Faded Dreams, Glorious Misery. Poison. Long Name. F*ck it. Read it.

My Personal Faves

Black dark night
railing of angular metal
what lies beyond
in time and space and awareness

I'll go with nothing
nothing bigger
nothing beyond
nothing within

hope has been sucked out of me
like a fetus from a uterus in a vacuum
i'm bleeding
nothing left to give

and who really cares?
people look at pity and run
who wants to be brought down?

no one
it's toxic, flavors of energy
potent wildfire

i need flames of hope
but I'm too angry to see anyone
with a light that is happy
it disgusts me
in this world
barren, miserable, lonely
i'm somehow sickly satisfied

nothing to gain, nothing to lose
can't hurt me anymore, them dreams

them dreams that taunt you
make you believe in them
their figures, shapes, colors -- they seem real and vivid

and then fade into darkness before you know it
right as you are about to touch them, hold their hand
they fade into darkness
somewhere beyond that stupid stupid

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The poet act on impulsion,

Outside of his nest,


Beauty struck him, like the warm freeze,


Such jewels are tears,


Rolling upon his lips,


Soon, to be turn to ink,


To stained the page,




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POETRY is like nature if u know how to read between the lines, u shall found some answer, rights or wrongs, this is hope to you to make that choice.

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