Poison Ivy

i am the girl of your dreams

i wrap you up in my polluted air

the vision of me isn't what it seems

the scars i inflict are too much for you to bear

i am the girl of your dreams

you smell the sweet scent of my my perfume

you taste the bitter taste on my lips

they bow as you walk in the room

the shimmer in your eyes as you walk out the door

the poison of my kiss

you taste my venom

all you do is ask for more

you swear you would never let me end this story

yet i won the war

you fall from your glory

you have scatched yourself raw

i've cryed my last tear

you watch the years go by as you fall  

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Little Secret

He has a little secret, no one else must guess.

He knows his parents would just freak if they found out.

The rope, a belt off an old karate uniform.

The silk slides through his fingers whispering erotic dreams

against trembling flesh.  He measures the length, making

sure that it is just right, not to short, he doesn’t wish to truly die, but not to long or it might be to loose to do the job.  

Obsession has taken over.

Fingers slowly slip the noose round his head and down to

hug with unseemly gentleness against his skin, snug against

his throat. The hangman's knot, a lover's caress on the back

of his neck.  The other end tied to his bedpost.  Silent

posters with empty eyes gaze down upon the boy.  The

paraphernalia, the same that may be in a thousand other boys’ rooms,

pushed aside, so that when he falls, and fall he shall, he

won’t "hurt" himself.  His eyes close as he daydreams of the

feeling, the loss of breath, the darkness descending, and the

rush of final release he has come to crave, this dance with

death he finds he does not wish to resist.  

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My Aura Glows


I'm lacking feeling

Emotion for your loss

Only because

You seem to be missing

Unable to decipher

Between right and wrong

Don't think you know

You have this problem

I'm keeping my distance

Just thought you should know

I'm not an addiction

Yet a person with a glow

I don't need your aggrivation

Your questioning

Or jealousy

Don't want someone who doesn't know

What they could be

You lack motivation

To repair your infestation

Everyone you pursue

Will notice the real you

So keep trying

Just let me be

Go try and control another

I know I am free

Without you

I am me

Unleash your anger

On youself for once

To see what it brings

You'll lose the hunt

Maybe realize

You have issues

That need to be reckoned with

As my aura glows

Showing much happiness

I have in myself

To leave you behind

Like a forgotten knick knack on a shelf


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Espresso yourself to me, fill my cup.

Steam me longer, make me stronger.

Extra froth please.  Who knows where this will lead?

Sugar?  No thanks, your syrup is muy dulce.

You warm me up AND chill me out.

When I stir you, your flavors swirl around...

float up to me and lure me near.

Your aroma is so sincere.

You are most satisfying right here,

but I'll take you to go...if you insist.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Espresso floats...

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Cold Distance


There’s this distance in my soul

  Oh how I want to hold on

But I must let go

  For you could never be more than

  a memory, I know

The summer’s beginning to surround me

  I just don’t know where to go

As I look around I see

  Those roses you planted are starting to grow

I close my tear struck eyes

  To let the darkness surround me

As I open them slowly

  The darkness is all I see

Oh baby don’t forgive me

  I’m afraid I might give in

Darkness is all I want to see

  I don’t want you to win


Author's Notes/Comments: 

When your love moves away and you stay.

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