At the top

No one ever said it would be easy?  No one ever said it was lonely at the top?  Looking all around me all I see is complacent thoughts, people comfortable with who they are,  with where the day had ended.  I look around do we really chase our dreams or de we become adapted and settle for normality.  Everyday I chase, everyday I strive, hesitance steers my way.  Complacency Is not me, being comfortable is in hindsight, I will not adapt I am not normal.  I am at the top because at the top there is no second best at the top I am lonely.

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Lunar Lion

Be aware of
Your motives,
Because I lend you my




I am not a talisman
To protect you
From your own




Accounting for self
Can mean
Claiming your true




Your beauty can't
Shine if no one
Can see through




Do not make
Or demean my




Don't underestimate
My desires
In that




I am a woman
That has
Seized her true




If you don't
Mind I'd love
Being friends without





4:05 PM 6/17/2013 ©


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Most people aren't as scary as their roar. Being youself goes a long way. It is not the easiest thing to do in writing always.


I sit here and think as I dream of eternity.
What it would be like.
To have you.
You will see one day when I'm not there about the fair.
About the love and pain that eats away your soul.
It will take you away to a place unfounded.
A place of despair.
You fed off me and my love that's no longer there.
I've became what you never thought.
I would wait that is no lie. I would wait forever.
So here we are now and I'm not waiting.
I reclaimed what was rightfully mine.
I will always be a memory to you.

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At Long Last A Victory

Quest of the brave
a set of instructions
to obey and behave
And be with the champions

Run to the home of Locke ness
Sprint down the crushed rock
Don't slow but be cautious
Emerge self into the Locke

Once in don't stop for cold
Swim the farthest reach of just man
For boats are beyond I'm told
It's so cold not many can

Border on darkness and depth
Emersion with danger
Only to half of strength
You're getting only colder

Back on shore you convalesce
Halfway to dead but conqueror
With friends will acquiesce
Battle won with valor

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this as if it were a set of instructions for a knightly character. It was written after the first time i could fully submerge myself in the water and swim to the bouy.