At the top

No one ever said it would be easy?  No one ever said it was lonely at the top?  Looking all around me all I see is complacent thoughts, people comfortable with who they are,  with where the day had ended.  I look around do we really chase our dreams or de we become adapted and settle for normality.  Everyday I chase, everyday I strive, hesitance steers my way.  Complacency Is not me, being comfortable is in hindsight, I will not adapt I am not normal.  I am at the top because at the top there is no second best at the top I am lonely.

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most people adapt and settle

most people adapt and settle for normality, very few chase their dreams. you made it to the top, and you might be alone, but perhaps there are others who are alone on their tops. and maybe those people aren't very comfortable at tall, maybe they're just hiding it and are trying to go with the flow that you are going against. 

and really, if you look at it, no one is really normal. everyone's idea of normal differs. so maybe there isn't a normal.