How can it be true!

How can it be true!


you say that i am forgetful and not so very sound

for if i really am then i must not have been around

to give you love no not one time to help you carry thru

or never there when you cried out oh how can it be true

you say im not responsible enough to go it on my own

if that was how it was then you'd have grown up all alone

but i was there even when the bad stuff came into view

and took it all for you my dear oh how can it be true

so when you think i cannot do all the things that i used to do

it tells me how little you think of me your faith bid you adieu

if this is how its going to be then my heart she is so blue

and the hurt i feel is very real oh how can this be true?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one because im having some personal issues i hope you like it!


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