The wall

The wall


These words strike this wall. And fall to the ground in a pile.

Doing nothing, no damage at all. Still I write, and speak all the while.

They change nothing, have no effect. At least if they do, it's none I can detect.

But I pour them out, along with a prayer. Those are much stronger, they'll chip a layer.

I need new ones, ones never spoken. These can't show my love, this language is broken.

 Maybe ones I have, perhaps in the right order. Finally break this wall, crumble the mortar.

I feel so small, and this pile is so deep. Still I clear it away, and start a new heap.

This barrier so strong, thick tall and wide. But I'll never give up, this can't be denied.

See I know this wall, and what waits behind it. If you saw it like I do, you'd know I can't quit.

I have to get through, and mend what I've torn. Show Im a new man, that I've been reborn.

Change took too long, but God it's here now. This I must prove, Lord please show me how.

You think I'm the Mason, I made it this thick. No I didn't build it, but I did mold the brick.

I'll never break through it, it won't come apart. I see this now, but there's hope in my heart.

If I can't go through,  I'll just have to climb. I dust off my hands, I've made up my mind.

I take hold, finding the cracks. I think I'm half way, but I'm scared to look back.

But I never looked forward, to see how far it is. I had faith in myself,  knew I could do this.

Of course I slip and fall, back down to my knees. It's help that I lack, why couldn't I see.

I'll call upon God, I'll take him with me. But I just fall again, how can this be?                         

So folding my hands, I pray once again. Lord I'm clearly lost, don't know where to begin                  

“You can't take me with you, or shout down a wall. You come with me, and you'll never fall”

He said this to me, though through a man's voice. I'll follow these words, I have no choice.

That wall isn't so bad, it gives her protection. And if I've cracked it, it's beyond my detection.

His word as my sword, and his hand I've found. No need to go over, he'll lead me around.

And on the other side, she sits needing mending. I give her the truth, no more pretending.

We walk with him, or this won't work at all. But if we both take his hand, he won't let us fall.

Walking away, both holding his hand. We set out to rebuild, with him I know we can.

I look back one last time, I see rubble no wall.  What I couldn't scratch,  he had simply made fall. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another piece I wrote about love and relationships.  This one reflects how we can put up walls against one another, or help another build them. Also strikes at how hard they can be to tear down. Points out in the end that just maybe sometimes we need a little help.

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KindredSpirit's picture


Where are U ?

Put that Poem out !

It is a Call- to - Action poem.

Just a little out of Character at the time.


Dont quit Writing !

To much to Do

This time of Year

KindredSpirit's picture

Just read

And it is good to see a man

With a strong faith

And the willingness to put it out there.

It takes a Good woman to keep

That man on course.


wretchedfool's picture

KS,   I have only written one

KS,   I have only written one about writing. I'm tryin to find it to show it to you. It was a little comical. It's like a mental conversation between a writer and his notebook. It's better if you read it with a little Samuel L Jackson inflection lol. Picturing the notebook as a kind of a grumpy old grandfather. I don't think I'm gonna post it because that's your thing. But I'll send it to you so you can check it out. 

Open your eyes o' wretched fool. They see but are blind, and by lies they are ruled. 

KindredSpirit's picture


Not at all. ( it being my thing )

(  I was going to write as a reply to you because that poem was about writing


It was to much )

And then

I was just thinking about updating things

So people can better understand

My style or frame of mind

When something is written.

Words are just words

Until the writer and reader

Bring them to life.

You made me think about explaining more

By commenting on my poem.

But I think that is what we tend to do.

Like right now.

This is getting long on me  IMO

And I haven't even said what I

Wanted to say.

I just get tired of typing on this little device.


More later ( you got me thinkin' about this )


You should put yours out if you want.

If you are like me

it all is trying

To make me understand my own style

And sometimes wanting to be

Different. Just so I don't bore myself. Haha

Later again