A burning fire fulfills the innermost humanly desires

Internal anger explodes when it is heavily built up and can not be controlled when the rage unfolds, my dare to you is to call me a liar

It is not 'cute' to see what my angry state is capable - - don't mistake me for being emotional

There's much more than just emotion swelling inside, with the fear to die I want to stay unbreakable

To be so easily broken can by malicious words alone can bring a strong person to their knees

Becoming a train wreck is not what I allow myself to be, those who are called the 'enemy' needs more than words to get me to leave

To do everything you wanted is not enough for you, what is there to do to satisfy you?

Caring reaches a breaking point when there isn't an end to your displeasure; a match not meant to be, severe negativity you produce will always let me lose

Aggress, Aggress, Aggression

Confess, Confess, I have a confession

Nobody is perfect in everything they do... its just how opinionated people's sense of taste in the way they choose to see you

Some like I don't care what viewpoints people may debate in a feud, meanwhile others believe they always have something to prove

Adding fuel to the tank will leave a person enraged without a doubt

The attempts hurt someone's feelings will leave the attacker in emotional distress or pain's shroud

It is possible to for every person to get aggressive

Anger Management isn't necessary for those who doesn't make their furious behavior to get overly obsessive

Obsess to the point pain infliction on the innocent is okay

It results in arrest by the authorities to keep the individual at bay, devising abuse on their prey

Spare me the doctors who try diagnose solutions to my mental condition

Their analyzing words meaningless to what was the opposing person's mission

I'm not fully sick, nor am I just a bitchy chick ; But its true I can be an insolent prick

I'm not Ms. Popularity, more than a few people out there are out to upset others with arrogance when opinions don't click

Acceptance is the key to partial happiness


Perfection doesn't exist in everyone's emptiness instead of drowning people further in the pool of misery, I cause injury by slaying them with kindness

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