My Angel

I could search for a million years, i would still never find the correct words.
And the one thing i fear the most is that my true feelings will never be heard by you
You'll never know how much i care and how much your love means to me

I could walk all around the world, and i still would never find the words because the feeling i feel inside my heart is a feeling that has never been felt
I'm so deep in love, it's never been so hard to say the way i feel

I wish i could run away with you, far away to a place where there'll be angels who'll describe to you the way i feel
Feel for you, feel about you
I'd pick a Sunday to run away with you
Because the angels would totally be there at the disposal of you and me
The reason i need the angels to talk to you for me is that you're an angel yourself.. my angel
So maybe you'll understand the angels when they tell you how i feel

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