My Sickness

Empty. Nothing. Full of grey.

Black soul. Black eyes. I have no name.

If only everyone could see,

the storm that's raging inside of me.

Fake smile. Fake laugh. Fake everything.

Drinking, cutting, need to feel that sting.

Can't hide these feelings anymore.

They keep escaping through my locked door.

Demons surrounding me, spinning in my head.

Why won't they go? They want me dead.

I'm losing control and going insane.

Promise you won't hate me? I'm not to blame.

I'm sick and it's just been so long.

My mind is a blur , I'm too far gone.

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Lost Love

I know it will be a long time until you see this. That's the only reason I'm leaving a comment. This poem sadens me. I know you will ignore and probably delete this, but I will always love you. I know things didnt work out and we are to far gone to ever try and make things work again. Please promise me this, you'll always remain who you are and not change for anyone. You're beautiful, smart and talented, and a great mother, and an awesome wife when you're happy. Good luck with the rest of your life, I really hope you have found the beginning to you're happy ending. The world is your storybook, make it your fairytale.


P.S. No need in letting me know you got this. I'll know when I see it has been deleted.


                                                                                      Love always,

                                                                                                 The man wou made a tragic mistake.