Mga Nakilala Kong Nadamay (In Filipino/Tagalog Language)








Mga Nakilala Kong Nadamay (In Filipino/Tagalog Language)


Gusto rin nila

Ang pagdami ng droga

Magtatanong pa?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited/reupdated on 12.03.2019:  I have simply changed the title from "Mga Nakilala Kong Damay" to "Mga Nakilala Kong Nadamay" for a better denotation and connotation in the English language.  This course of action was taken after I have found out that, when I attempted to recheck its translation, in Google Translate (for instance/in that instance), one of the words in the context would not return a direct translation in English, the way that I thought would have the same meaning as what I was thinking (in a specified way, in which I really had hoped to mean roughly the way that I wanted it to mean, as a matter of fact).  It's not definitely about managing those expectations.  I was simply just trying to convey the initial real intention (which I have had, & I tried, at that time).  My quest was simply to correct my Tagalog, as well as to see (just in case) if there are also semantical errors (in my stream-of-consciousness type of method, also in my free writing).  And since this would let me figure out whether or not there is a direct translation for it in English (especially for the others who are more oriented, or have a predilection, to the English language), this author's commentary is being done, purposively.  I would like to also clarify that this was undertaken to help other speakers of any language to be able to relate to my poem (such that they can fathom it).  "It" here simply pertains to this poem (thus, when relaying it at first hand).

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