" Sabotage "

I admired it at a distance,
Its effortless soothing flow,
The way it rode the wind,
Colors so bright and bold,

Across the fields of clover,
Which swayed forth non stop,
I laid back and took it in,
From a rolling hill up top,

Fluttering into my soul,
It somehow was more than it seemed,
It wasn’t just a butterfly,
It was my hopes and dreams,

As it dance with the air,
Wings, like pages of a book,
It drew me in closer,
If only to take a look,

It whispered to the flowers,
This time I would never forget,
As it was still, a moment in time,
Swoosh!, it was in my net!

Now it belong to me,
Forever to be displayed,
As I stuck pins threw its torso,
I reflected on my day,

Pressed against some glass,
For all the world to see,
Trapped, tortured in my presence,
And now it belonged to me……

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No, its not "really" about a butterfly....

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