This is the house that she built


When I am a shipwreck

you find the right pieces

that haven’t been torn up

and tossed around too long.


Your hands keep me grounded,

I collapse like a raindrop

something trapped in the empty I leave behind

I want it to be something worth seeing.


I give my shaking sins a name

in your desire to pin my soul,

I know how to let myself go

trust some of my blueprint with you.


When I am crumbling

you remind me I am not even complete,

we shatter then we solve,

we break then we build.


I thought I would make it to dry land

but when I found myself here instead

I am in the storm,

I am laughing in the lifeboat.


Your hands hold me together,

I swear sometimes I can hear them saying

we are not finished building you yet.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/22/17

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allets's picture

Beaitiful Imagey

"I collapse like a raindrop" - wow dow! Vulnerability and submission - to be rebuilt - yeah to that :D