There is not enough space in here for you.


I spill my sins into flames and floods instead of

into your hands where they belong,

on your lips like I want to.


I bury my sins on paper

so they can disintegrate,

but sometimes I would rather just

let all my thoughts turn to ashes

and start over over over

I don’t want them anymore.


I don’t let myself know you like you want me to

because I know I can’t ever know you like I want.


I want you to see

all the ways I can move when you’re not looking,

how this outlet does not have a ceiling

and it fills me with furious,

how this alone shovels out all the black in my head

and helps me be what I am with you,

how this overfeel keeps overflowing

and I’ve run out of space to build any more walls.


You say you are


but I know, I am forever splintering,

I will not worry

as long as you know how to love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/20/17

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