Roses in the Devil's Garden (day 30)

I hear whistles, vivid, perfect

lovely laughs in the walkways

Captivated by this garden

can’t tear away my gaze


The roses bend so easily

to a simple stranger’s will

Broken petals on the pavement

I’m unsuspecting still


Splashes of blinding white

among the deep bloodred,

should have somehow warned me

about all the lies you said


The devil’s garden told me

to walk on alone with you

The devil’s roses fooled me,

bitter liquid smelled like truth


But the roses sing to me

with a tempting breeze

I can’t recall these stories

because no one would tell me


Now everything is covered in

a layer of beautiful deceit,

thorns in my throat,

gagging on the sickly sweet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/30/16

Roses in the devil's garden

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Well done, tallsqirrel. Enjoyed the journey through your mindscape. 

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