I want to write about you
I don’t want to push you out of my mind
because when I wake up
you’re waiting expectantly inside the first car
in my train of thought.


Pushing into every song I listen to,
every city where I walk the streets,
every bond I weave,
every mountain where I wish I had a hand to hold.


I want to sing about you
but I can’t find a melody
that will reach you through a thousand miles.


I hate everything about you,
I can’t get enough.


I would choose you every time
but I’m not sure how much good there is in that,
I don’t want to touch you
through the bitterness
because I know you don’t miss me enough
to make it worth it.


You didn’t miss me enough
to say goodbye.


I hate writing about you,
I hate that I can’t let you go,
especially when talking and singing and writing
won’t matter anyway
You’re untouchable, in a different world.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

CLICHE ALERT haha but it just happened.

Written 7/31/16

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