Better Ending


For centuries after you left me

I left shoes and a sigh on the stairs

and every time I turn around

I’m still seeing you


From gardens to sidewalks to cities

your face is everywhere

and before I turn, in the corner of my eye

I swear I can see you smile


If my life is a book left unwritten

it’s you who’s holding the pen

If what we had was a broken mantra

I’m still singing it in my head


I’m trying to write something my own

but clichés keep slipping out…

there’s a reason for all those songs,

love is a light in the storm


For centuries after you left me

I kept wishing you’d come back around

because all the things we saw

don’t hold the same glitter without you


I know if I shout you’ll still be here

We can laugh and say the same words

I can follow you wherever you wander

but it’s not the same anymore


You tease me but lift her on your shoulders

and it’s even hard to hate her

It would be easier if I could be bitter

but I care enough to want her for you


I want you for her too, oh God how I miss us

the ease and the nights and shy smiles

And if you even give her half of what you gave me

it’s magic and mist and she’ll fall too


It would be easier if I could be bitter

I know it wouldn’t hurt this much

but I’ve been with you and

I’ve laughed with her


and I still still still love you both,

miss you more than you miss me

and all I can do with this heartbreak

is wish her a better ending.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/23/16

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Wish her a better ending.  Some nice phrases in here, broken mantra, corner of my eye I see your smile.  I understand.  I have a former that at that junction where committments are decided, I asked how he felt if I went to see a former lover in order to do music.  It was understood that there would be more than music made.  He said I have no hold on you and you have none on me.  He said later after I broke up with him that you do need to hold on to what was good. So when he found his wife he took the lesson he learned from me.  I see him now so happy that it make me happy even a bit envious of their connection but not jealous.  Thank you for reminding me with your poem. An letting me tell my story.