Possibly Saving You


I’ll give in to save you,

I’ll give in today

but maybe next minute

I’ll change my mind


I want you and want nothing,

I want everything all at once

but dust is already

settling in front of me

and I’m not enough of a storm to stir it up


I hope with the few days we have

we can conjure up a storm

and leave everything barren and ready to be created


Give it all, take none

Don’t regret anything

Give in, take control

nothing else to say


I’ll spend everything to know you,

I’ll spend it today

but you slip into thin air

whenever you get the chance


I thought I was saving you

but maybe you’re saving me,

saving me with fog and clarity

Maybe the dust is concrete

and I’m not supposed to keep you

and I’m not supposed to fall for you

but if not

what the fuck are you doing here?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/22/16

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