Pain & Pleasure


I can feel every cave in your paradise,

I know every wisp of smoke in your memory

I can catch my breath

on the back of your neck

and I want to keep you

forever warm.


We’re not just touching

we’re exploring

the colors wrapped in

a wheel of me and you.


You pull me up the slope

all I can see is hands and skin and thundering need


Your torture rises to my peak

Our sounds dip and curve to the beat

Our pleasure, our pain

is the kingdom we’ve won

sheer desire we both welcome

with open arms.


We are each other’s cracks and

bleeding weaknesses,

we lift each other up

on pure sinful wings

And after all we’re breathless


We rise as one, crash to earth,

our bodies glittering with the chaos between us


Together we are everything,

we are nothing,

tangled in each other

and breathing for each other

and gasping for everything we could be

we are so much more now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/19/16

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