Hold Me Closer


Half of me is crumpled on the floor,

half of me is crumbled in your heart

And half of me stands here hoping

I won’t fall and break apart


We’re a messed-up love equation

in a tiny room with no door

I’m cringing, I’m hesitating

our hope cowers in the corner


I want so much to get lost in you

so I’ll stand still, frozen here

and wrap this love in plastic

Now we have nothing to fear


I want to run to you when I crack,

so I’ll build myself a smaller cage

We both accept the walls we’ve built,

it’s a staredown of who will break


But I know I’m going to break first

I’ve never been good at holding out

I make your simple stars into wishes

I pull your golden magic from the ground


Step over the line,

give me your heart and mind

cause I already know them better than you do

Step on the cracks,

someday you’ll trip on your regret

but it’s better than ending what I have with you


Finally storm the tiny walls,

realize everything’s already broken

Nothing can hurt more than words you’ve spoken

Let the rain come down,

it can only wash us clean

Hold me closer, let me show you what I mean

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/16/16

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allets's picture

Way Cool

"...someday you'll trip on your regret..." I read long and far to find such a wondrous line. Don't break, WRITE!!! :D