Who Would You Save


Collapsing bridges,

lives ripped apart,

plastic people

trade in their hands.


The hurricanes become everyone’s


the stars become everyone’s



The paper world has

shut its eyes,

handing the humans

its last gasp.


The world needs us

but the war needs the evil,

and even when we’re flying

we have nightmares

because how will we ever ever ever win?


And as the mountains

come crashing down and

the hope almost goes out and

the universe is watching my every letter,


I need to know

who you would save

when the world comes down to a moment,

when your life comes down to a desperate wish


Because the only thing I’m sure of

when the hurricanes become my


and the stars become your


is that I would save you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/1/16

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lizardking's picture

this is cute

great imagery. those words definitely reverberated in my heart, like shelter in a storm. my solace isn't of this paper-thin world. i'd like to find someone within it to share that sort of love with though.