We used to be the wind

flying past essences of a broken dance

Halfway to the edge

of the sleeping world’s plans


And the dawn rose in our faces

begging us to repeat the dance every day

But it burned too close to danger

We were reckless, as they say


Now we’re caught in a net

on opposite sides,

brushing hands every so often

I’m still holding onto the sky


Miles and meters, pure hallucination

I can’t stop glancing your way

Frozen tears and battleship barriers,

my tongue can’t figure out what to say


But I still see your eyes

in every star that passes me

And I still hear your voice

when the moon sprints and sings to me


And I’m justified in wishing

cause the things I never had

were rolled up inside your sheets and

thrown away with everything we had


Come what may,

I’m still

pinching myself


running till I run wishes out of your chest

kissing till I kiss your shadow out of breath

loving till I love myself

out of this mess

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/3/16

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Beautifully Done. Straight from the 

Heart, an amazing work of art.

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The last stanza is extremely

The last stanza is extremely well written, my favorite so far. I always enjoy some dark poems :D thank you.

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confined with desire,

confined with desire, derisionn of the mind

serruptitious entities framing indecision

where do you have in what you see

when i could ever go there

listless on a still moonlight sonata