You decide… please leave a comment

You decide… please leave a comment

By jfarrell


I will be 50 in 2 weeks (23 december);

Should I have a party? Celebrate?

Cast your votes now please.


And not a joke….

My friend’, I asked, I gonna have party will you come?…


“yeah, I’ll happilly come to your party, I’m your best friend….

But don’t be negative, at your party.”….

He’s the one calling people names,…

But I’m the negative one?

Party cancelled.


But life,

Prospects, dreams have changed since then;

So very few weeks ago.


It used to be said ‘life begins at 40’;

Is 50 the new 40?

I’ve spent 20 years overdosing, hanging cutting my coward wrists

To not be here for 50!


It’s clear I’m incapable of decision…

So like Big Brother….

You decide, cast your votes…

50th birthday party?

Yes or no?

Please leave a comment


Author's Notes/Comments: 

is the glass half empty or half full?.... 50th birthday.... something to celebrate with pride or drown in a vodka bucket full of hate and spite? i've already told you i'm incapable of a grown up decisiion ;-)

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A No Negativity, No Cutting, No Suicidal Thoughts Party

Damn, I thought my life was bleak this year! I don't celebrate birthdays - maybe 68 is the year for one. Have the damn party - balloon up, party hats and noise makers - invite folks you don't particularly like - they will come out of shock and bring you a nice gift. Invite rich people - nicer gifts. Invite stangers and some homeless people - -  oh, that would be my party. Yours Naw. :D



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I'd say...

If you are incapable of grown up decisions then a party sounds like a great thing to have as a kid who just happens to have rotated around the sun 50 times. Even if there is no party you could still just have fun. Have a happy one! No drowning!

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