What are scars?

What are scars?

By jfarrell



They the damage your body couldn’t repair;

The ever-regenerating, ever-replicating cell factory;

Nope, that’s too much to repair, perfectly;

So, we’ll stick on a patch.


Scars from yesterday, a year ago;

A lifetime ago;

But, some are so damaged, ruined;

They cannot be repaired; fixed;

Put right.


A too severe beating, for… being at school?

A cruel comment, because I smiled;

And you couldn’t bear it;

A word, a sword,

Because I tried so hard to please you.


A lifetime later, so many scars are still raw;

I don’t rub salt in, but it gets in anyway;

I try not to think about them;

But they play before my eyes,

Over everything I see.


With a building,

If it’s damaged too much,

Knock it down and rebuild;

I don’t know if I can be rebuilt;

I don’t know how to knock me down.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i get knocked down, but i get up again, you're never gonna keep me down - tubthumping

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Free-Spirited_Wolf's picture

Scars are beauty marks that

Scars are beauty marks that show I've survived. 

They define who I was and who I am now. 

They are magnificent. 

Reminders of the past that tried to drag me down. 

Scars... They are what made me... Who I am....

               A survivor.  

~Never see your scars as damage..... They are your proof that you've survived whatever life threw at you. 

*~Be Legendary ~ Ian Mascoe*

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thank you, very

thank you, very inspirational, i don't yet quite see myself as a survivor, but i am still here, so i must be i spose

very inspirational poem

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For a long time I hated my

For a long time I hated my scars,  but I grew to love them and see them as what they are.... I guess that realization just came with time and accepting them as well. 

*~Be Legendary ~ Ian Mascoe*