In the name of

In the name of all that is pure, let innocence prevail,

let virgins be until eighteen or when ready to explore

(Forty year old virgins need to get laid already, who

are you waiting for?)

In the name of all that is true, let the truth be told and

secrets that hinder unfold like cheating wives and wife

beating husbands

(Stone them to death is what I say)

In the name of all that is beautiful, let the sun shine

upon the smiles that made the day better for someone

else today

(selfishness is only good when needed)

In the name of all that is sacred, let the blood of the

lamb run and stain the unholy like religious fanatics

and occult churches

(I should move out of the way)

In the name of all that is blessed, share your blessings

and don’t ask for a favor in return

(especially with interest)

In the name of all that is done by good will, let it be

done quietly and politely; don’t exalt or praise your act

of good will

(Or complain that no one saw your good deed either)

In the name of all that is cared for deeply, continue to

care even if no one else does; what’s important is that

you care

(Eventually those that don’t care will be cared for less


In the name of all that is attainable, reach for the stars

and beyond, because the skies shouldn’t be the limits

(I’d reach for Heaven, but Saint Peter said I’m not


In the name of all that is holy, beware of wolves in

sheep clothing; their linen is fine and attractive

(A sheep in wolves clothing is experimenting the howl)

In the name of all that is alive, let the day be without

death, unless your music starts playing and your

number called out

(My numbers are 7, 13, 23, 33, and 40)

In the name of all that has died, when the dead are

buried certain memories should be buried with them


(Alas, rest in peace! Cremate me!)

In the name of all that is worn and tired, if you are

young help the elderly as it is our duty to do so,

don’t complain; you may grow old and weary too!

(Don’t ask for help then if you don’t help now)

In the name of Jesus Christ, don’t be a Sunday Morning

Superstar at church after a night of drinking and sinning;

preaching with a hangover

(That’s a hypocrite if you ask me)

In the name of what killings are committed by, don’t

make a mistake or else the killer becomes the hunted

(I seek my prey at night like an owl)

In the name of all that is vain, God’s name seems to be

on top of the list; “I swear to you it is.” You don’t believe


(God dam it)

In the name of Moloch, let the dark side of the moon shine

for once upon your blessings, illuminate your knowledge

and share only with the Illuminated ones

(I’m Illuminated, no need to sell your soul)

In the name of all that is newborn, let the roots begin at

home, and grow strong with discipline; don’t beat them with

an iron rod either

(I read that in Proverbs Ch. 24)

In the name of the Holy Ghost, blasphemy is the worst,

guilty as charged; however, if never manifested or felt within,

why care!

(I’m condemn)

In the name of the poet that critics the soul of mankind,

salvation can be found in his words; but don’t take them for

granted the meanings are diverse; his salvation can be a

double-edge sword piercing the heart in the name of the Lord

and Savior SoulCritic-poet

(Prayers to me will do you no good)

In the name of the Lizard King, I too can do anything, watch

me, and never whip a horse’s eye with its tale, whip your own

eye pagans  

(Petitions are left at the altar not summoned in prayers)

In the name of Sergio Valencia, thank you for your time and

patience hold your praises and applause; I admire my own work; 

aka Narcissistic Poet

(About time, I thought this poem was never going to end)




Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the name of your prosperity, don't envy me. 

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In the name of . . . .

Great work! I could truly relate to this piece. . . . Tlazocamatli - Gracias - thank you!

A Loud Mouth Chicana who has something to say!

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I honor and have huge respect

I honor and have huge respect for your uniqueness and individuality, albeit in the misty fog of all the judgments and self-righteousness. I understand the art of the trade. 


~Know Thyself~


~Blessings and kudos!!~



...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Great! You had me chuckling

Great! You had me chuckling within every parenthesis. :) 


Copyright © morningglory

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You guys are awesome

you guys put a big smile on my face; truly humbled! I say it like I see it, thank you for understanding me! Much appreciated!