A fury boils inside, not able to retain
Lashed with inhibition, tied with chains
A passion it may be, or the pain of a thousand cries
Lost in the depths of, the most ruthless lies

A rage storms around, my world falls astray
Cast into the realm of, each and every day
A reminder it may be, to the truth inside
The one that is lost, in a monstrous tide

A darkness sweeps along, take with it my smile
Such gloom it has brought, for quite a while
A hoax it may be, some sort of twisted light
Some kind of blissful misery, or some fortunate plight

A trembling overtakes and shatters, what’s left of my pride
Eliminating all hope, in each and every stride
A calling it may be, to the ascension of my will
With the beauty of illumination, my eyes are filled

A love enflames and kindles, the ruins of my soul
Burning with the heat, of the richest charcoal
A redemption it is, from the blight which consumes
Released from the idleness, of this once filled tomb

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