Fuck love

Fuck love

 Fuck love? Nah fuck the bitch that hurt you. 

I used to say that shit too

Took a few full moons but I got past you. 

 Fuck love, it’s a thing that they say. Sit down and talk to me. Let me tell you what I have to say. 

Love is patient, love is kind, love is everything nice in disguise. You’ll feel that shit in your heart soul and your mind. 

Fuck love, most decide too but when it comes to you and I, i can’t. Who woulda knew. 

And I can tell this shit scares you. So you push away all the thoughts of love so no one can hurt you. 

Too many times love has disappointed you. You’re scared to be happy Incase I leave. But baby I’m not your ex,. I stay because you deserve everything. 

Love has a new meaning since you’ve been around. You lift me up not bring me down. 

You’re the closest thing to heaven I’ve seen ina while.  

 Fuck love I won’t ever say because you’re helping me grow in every single way. I hope I do the same

You make me want to quit smoking almost every single day. Help me better my life and choose a career. Instead of running in the streets with my life that I fear. As long as I can come home to you every night, every year and help you wipe your tears, help you face your fears. Grow more and more every year. 

 Fuck love I just wanna give you more. Let’s just Sit around and laugh some more. Hold your hand and open all your doors. Pour you up a glass or four. Wine of course. (Classy lil whore)

And I noticed no one has been around for you lately but i promise to stick around for you baby, I’ll be there for you baby. 

Fuck love you really can’t help who you fall for. Might as well open up your heart a lil more. I’ll prove to you you’re worth so much more than what you’ve been putting up with. My love for you won’t ever switch. It’s as real as it gets. Put it to the test. Your heart is forever safe in my treasure chest. 

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i think he needs to stop and

i think he needs to stop and listen,just take a day at a time,who knows maybe he will fall in love

ron parrish

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true love tends to forget

true love tends to forget even though it has the memory of an elephant.