Dull Sharp Release

I take a deep breath.
I cringe.
My chest hurts;
My heart tore me through

The pain,
It's too heavy to shoulder
The steely tip bites my skin
The tears, they burn, they cut

I need to finish this
They don't understand
The piercing throb, ragged pulsing
Don't understand...

How will they feel?

I grip the handle
My knuckles turn white
I press against the pommel


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I hope this is really just a poem and not something you're actually doing. Good poem tho :)

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Yes it's just a poem. But

Yes it's just a poem. But I've been in kind of a dark place at the moment, a lot of messed up things happen to and around me. At least the result is good poetry :P

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Don't Worry

We all go through our ups and downs. I was in a very dark place once in my life too. All you can do is count on yourself and anyone who can support you. Some of my best poetry ever was when I was having the hardest time. Keep writing ;D

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believe it or not, this is my

believe it or not, this is my very first and only poem. Someone I loved very much is hurting me to no end. im medically insane.. i have cut myself before.

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Drop Your Anxiety

Alas, you and I are in very similar situations. Someone I love is hurting my heart as well. As for the last two things, I have cut myself before and been hospitalized but that doesn't keep me from being the best I can be. I'm sorry I have no advice for yoo and your lover seeing as how I'm stuck aswell :/