Volume One






I love the misery that taunts me

I love the whore that haunts me

I love the word pain, its my symbolic stain

There is nothing left to debate

all you wanted was to procreate

Living just to suffocate”


This is what you said

I didn’t want to hurt you”

so you fucked with my head

when your trust was earned

Bitch, I got burned

There is nothing left to debate

I was just your estate

something you could just suffocate”


You are the fuel for my fire

the poison in my spider

the whore in my heart

the needle for my heroin

my one true sin

I have no regrets

nothing is left but hate

the one thing you could not suffocate




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was inspired to write this poem by my one ex, she knows who she is.. This is the first poem Ive written that was close enough to acctually potray the anger Ive had bottled up inside me for so long.. dont get me wrong, I hate what she did to me but I still love her and always will..


(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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Cynthia Ashburn's picture

I really like this poem it shows your pain.Never stop writing k.
Cynthia Ashburn (Krysinian Domina)