Volume One





Take my love upon your crimson wings

whispering in my ear all those wonderful things

once inside, you closed your eye's and flew away

my god is dead, and you want me to pray

I look back on the painful day

when a soul had been killed

and everything was trapped and sealed

I was lost for eternity

within my own heart, a hallow plague had begun to start

every day, I wish I could just die

every night, I made a plan, and would try

Now I wake and struggle for a reason

a lifetime spent wasted on this season

I should have for-seen this, but how could I resist

those memories stained in my head

my plan made well, cause now I'm dead

a wound so deep, my heart had bled

A life I was forced to see

A corpse I am to be, and now I'm lost for eternity


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(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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