Volume One






I'm lost in my own despair.

Hating everything, I just don't care

kill me now and make it fast

poison me now and make it last.

I'm no different then you or anyone

but I don't regret what I have done.


"I'm Dead to the world, I'm dead to you

I'm numb to the touch, without a fucking clue"


To me now, love is just a word

something that all my pain blurred

you did your work well, can't you tell?

How about I break it down

so you can see past this fake smiling clown.


"You tore my soul apart

shattering my world, shattering my heart

I built you up to be a goddess;

Beautiful and flawless

perfect in every way

perfect every day.

I was so fragile, like a rare vase

wrapped up with silk and tied with lace

when you said goodbye, I broke and cried

because on that day, I had died"


So here we are now, back at the beginning, back at the start.

This is where you made your mark.


Inside I'm rotting away

where there's nothing left but decay

a hallow fragment of what was once a soul

chiseled out like a big fucking hole


"I'm Dead to the world, I'm dead to you

I'm Numb to the touch, without a fucking clue

I'm a fragile vase, haunted by her beautiful face

nothing is left but decay, rotting away, for this I pay

every single day"








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(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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i can relate
to pain
like this to:*(