Hey you

hey you..
I've thought about you for days, especially
when the rain is
falling...like now and damn how I would love for you to be
here next to
me. your hug will be the cure for my trembling winter nights.
thought about the way you look and the way you stare at me... that stare

was 1 of the things that made me fall in love. I've thought about how

everytime I blink I'll just see ur smile. o man how I love your smile.
about our future enter my mind constantly and I can't stop
thinking about the
lonely life I've been living without you. I see every
else happy but me, I
have so much negativity surrounding me and I can't
wait for the days when you
jus say 'baby it will all be ok' and just knowing you'll say that, will make everything
better. hey you have I ever told u you
take my breath away when you call me
baby..well you do. all the guys I
have thought I loved are nothing compared to
you. breakups and pain were
all I felt before you, but now all of that is long
gone. no more tears
for me and I thank u for that.  just knowing your perfect
for me in each
and every way, drives me crazy. your height your lips the way I
after every kiss. your just so right, I love everything about u, ur just

my type. I want u 2 be my man so badly, I need to be your lady. I need
here now, I can't take this pain daily. just shadows of ur figure is
all I
see. I can't pinpoint who u are but I know for sure you are the one. I
can't wait
till the day you meet my parents and you are the only guy they
actually will ever
like, your mom will see her little boy is in love, and
she'll hug me thankin gme
for making you happy. hey you, my hands awaits
yours..come fill the empty spaces
that are calling your name.. I can't
wait for our endless text messages of just
smiley faces, jus reassuring
each other that we miss each other so much. I
want to go 2 sleep with u
on the phone, I kno it'll make me giggle when I hear the
little noises you
make as your slowly falling asleep. I kno I'll love them so
much. the
aches in my heart when u won't b near me will kill me, but I know wen
look at our pictures together I know that everything will be ok. hey u
u know you are always on my mind. I am cry knowing ur far away from me.
I hate
the songs they play on the radio becuz I can't relate to them
without u. you'll
make my life so much better. I love how u understand me and
you know jus wat to
say. I can fuss like I always do, but I kno you'll always
shut me up wit your
kisses. it is amazing how much I need u so, and u just
don't know.  hey you, love
of my life, wen will I ever meet you. it's been
19 years and I can't take it
anymore. I need you to ease my pain and to
call me your girl. I kno we are
perfect for each other and we belong
together, do you? my heart skips a beat
jus thinking of the day we will
finally meet... I see you.. layin down in bed
right now jus watching tv,
going on with ur life, but did u know that I need you
noww, badly.. in the
future you won't understand what the slightest sight of
your shadow will
do to me .....but if you be with me jus know you'll live a love
that others
can only dream of.. hey you, u are the love of my life... and I
wait till the day we finally meet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

today is 9-29-2015 funny thing is that I am 23 years old now and have been with the love of my life for 4 years and 4 months. (4-2-11) I look back on this poem and I wrote it in december 2010 (so sorry for the way I wrote the words even some might be mispelled but it is original which is what I love.) I actually found him, true love exists! go find your other half. We met on BBM (blackberry) after I was trying to delete my 800+ i saw his picture and wrote "you are handsome" after that destiny did it's thing! we live together , love each other more and more everyday. I look back and i get goosebumps because this poem is exactly for him. life is crazy

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I love it

I love it and the love you feel

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That is some great

Wishful Thinking.
I might have to try it on my special day.
Very Good.

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lol thank you, wish you luck

lol thank you, wish you luck

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At 65

I still like to think he's out there - wishful, you bet - but optimistic oh yeah ~allets~