Niccolò Paganini

Struck violins with fire, to court
Rose he to fame, calling his
Even after death the songs
Echo you're eminent among,
Creations and archaics
Daily sung folk lyrics.
Even some are but a few
Stand their body and statue
Forever honored a king
It is he, who's undying
When they rumour and debate
He's no man to underrate
And still all humanity,
Home they visit, Italy!

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Your Eminence

After Hunt For Red October, I listened to some. Really cool sounds. Themes. I think he represents in Somewhere In Time. You r classical. Name those tunes from Pride And Prejudice, the movie. I always wondered who wrote them. -S-

Dario Marianelli - mominated for academy award original score. Beautiful music. Eureka! Rachmaninov - On A Theme of Paganini. I'd have to rewatch movie with Superman and Jane Seymour 2 b sure. ~S~



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don't know what it means or

don't know what it means

or what is meant by the author, ye...

yet methinks i liked it muchly

as they say.

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Great to hear from the other side.
I appreaciate that.