Astrologer Speaking

The Lectern's Rise

All stars from I can tell what a full moon
Sees in the sky, sees for your earth, your days
Are in God hands, they hold
Day and night unexposed
But all are they, behind horizon there,
Deep in the east, the silent atmosphere,
Has all unsunned mornings
Their marigold,
Isn't yet seen, but thy, hours foretold
Lay on the rock and moon,
The full thing, bright
From it be seen; I fetch for thee, insight
That life be known, where on, your feet will tread
How on your earth, while he, steering ahead.

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Reading The Stars

Only a solitary eye

on fire can see exactly

who you are as read

in stars.


I did not know my lifeline

was overly long. Water

as death cause is not all

good and promising.


Saggitarius is weeping

again and fish swim among

the sleeping. It's pretty

and creative as humans go.