"Water Vapor"

The sun refused to rise as my heart replicated a battlefield of jagged boulders,

The walls static mountains, the floorboards a silent night.

Her smile was clinging to the convolutions of my memory,

Replacing my vision with astounding sands of white.


We walked the warm beach at twilight,

The waves crashing the shore like the side of hollow steel.

The way the moonlight intensified your beauty,

Made my heartbeat skip, made my soul reveal.


I kiss her in the cloudburst, the raindrops collecting on her warm flesh,

We walked through fields of lilac, their vibrant scent haunting.

I placed a tulip in your hair, your eyes scanning the cloudy sky,

Preparing for a rapture, the roar of the clouds taunting.


Now alone, I lay awake, the satin linen brushing skin.

The sunrise distant orange highlighters stroking a skyline of black paper.

You're gone, in the past, our memories lost in summer wind, 

You've become a shadow, lost like water vapor.

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