Love Making


Pleasurable torture, it's hard to bear

Mystifying feeling, two people share

Beuatiful dance, between two

amazing sense of closeness, smothered in woo

true love, meant for lovers only

an act for caring, not for lonely

Exotic scents, hanging in the air

Exquisite sensations, it's only fair

two people , they love each other

when feelings are true, love making is no bother

Sensual thoughts

case of the hots

alluring hooks

passionate looks

teasing tickle

nothing's fickle

a Game for two , when the feeling is right

A time to hold each other all night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is describing various thoughts and comments between all my friends and i and making sex into a poem.

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C Saint's picture

wow - beautiful. its funny & sexy in parts - i love.