The moonlight hits her hair and it glows; Luminesence. Bright eyes shining in the twilight. Her soft lips part and the musical laughter slips from between; Reverberating, bouncing off the trees in the lome-scented forest. Her brows raise with delight, as her eyes roll in amusement at your frivolous words.

This is a woman. This is a goddess.

Her arms raise into the cool air as she spins circles around the glowing embers of the fire.

Her barefeet tickled by the dried pine needles, as her toes dig into the soft earth.

THis is her. This is She.

She is everything. All of you, all of me.

She is the shimmer Of the summer moon.

She is the wise owl of the autumn.

She is warm heart of the cold winter.

She is the first bloom of the spring.

She is Meaghan.


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