Talk and Stay


Echoes of your voice ring

Feelings I've been keeping

I drank this blue bottle

My heart didn't settle


The laughters we had

They make me feel bad

Tragic are these stories

Our tale didn't exist


I thought I'd be drunk

Just sleep on this bunk

But I couldn't help picturing you

And I couldn't stop thinking of you


Of how you are tonight

I think of you a lot

If you are just alright

'Cause honestly I'm not


I went to your house today

You were not there again

There are things I want to say

Things a phone cannot send


Face me just this time

Don't walk away like you do

Just talk and stay only to

Make me feel alright


I beg you, don't go

I want this to close

There are things I want you to know

How I felt way before the cold

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Read as many of the other poets on postpoems as you can to develop your style and grasp of English. It will take years, but is worth the trip. Be well, write a poem a day at least and have someone look it over, then post it. Continue to comment on other poets and they will respond in kind - Love and Prayers on your journey into the literary arts. (Something other than love poetry might help you to grow). ~Lady A~