Unanswered Prayers

I was stunned when you said,

that you were soon to be wed.

I didn't let my disappointment show,

The way I felt I assumed you know.

I smiled and let it slide,

But internally I all but died.

Your happiness,

was what it was about,

I would have to learn

to live without.

That night, alone in bed,

Such heartbroken tears were shed.

I swore if the marriage fell through,

I would step in and marry you.

But fate let it not be,

I lost another part of me.

The years passed

and then one day,

A vision of loveliness,

came my way.

She filled the space

empty so long,

with love by the case,

lifting my spirit in song.

I couldn’t fathom having such luck

The day we were to wed,

Doubt struck,

I had to see you

Going through my head.

I had to know

That the one I wed was right,

I run to you so,

To verify by sight.

Had you thrown your arms around my neck,

And said, “take me instead”

I would probably said, “What the heck”

And we would have been wed.

Fate was gracious that very day,

As you wished me well and sent me on my way.

Older and wiser, knowing all the while,

Letting me go, just to see me smile.

I have no regrets, but like you

I wonder what it would have been like,

Had we said I do.

Between, just you and me,

I think we would have had

some butt ugly kids to see.

Do you agree?

The good lord has guided our way,

To the most awesome spouses we have today.

It just shows he does care

That sometimes, most times, his greatest gift,

Is unanswered prayers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Looking back at critical junctures in my life, the good lord has guided me to the one love that is so overwhelming that I am filled with joy every time I see her upon waking. But every now and then you think about those narrow escapes. ;-).  Jody, don't ever think I will stop loving you.  You were not my first love, but you are the one true love that has my heart and it will always be so.

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jgupta's picture

You end with a note of hope even in "helplessness" Very youthful as well mature write with a personal flavour that makes one read in a breath. Liked the emotion in it.

Lesa Gay's picture

For some reason Huck PostPoems is not letting me comment under my user name. Maybe they have given up on me. Tried to go to your other link but it would not let me open so I hope that you get this comment.

This is one of your better writes. Loved it! You are so right, for sometimes when we are just so sure of things but the Lord says NO, we are to see in the future that he sure knew what he was doing after all.

Great write my friend.