I heard from a friend today,

I could tell she was in great pain,

Even though she would not say,

The hurt tenor of her voice was very plain.

I asked if she wanted to process,

Then she started in

She poured out her heart as she confessed,

How taxing her life had been.

I listened intently, and gave her a hug.

She burst into tears at the gesture,

As she called me a big lug

And for being so compassionate to her.

What made this gesture so uncommon place,

Is that it occurred in cyberspace.

Two friends, who had never met face-to-face

One comforting the other from a distant place.

This is what cyber friends is all about.

Unfettered sharing within and without.

Free to be who or what we aspire to be

Without worrying that you will ever meet.

You can be totally free and open too

As your cyber friends will see you through.

You can be close as you want to be,

Or an aloof lurker see?

Cyberspace is a wondrous place

And just as dangerous as outer space.

It is what you make it and where you go

But cyber friends are great, you know?

With that, hugs to all my cyber Friends,

This is where this poem ends.

Hugs and Peace and God bless

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my cyberfriends

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jgupta's picture

Hugs and Peace and God bless you too! This is very true. Thank you for writing a wonderful piece in honour of Cyber friendship.