Hello, Baby Girl

Hello, baby girl.

Yes, this is dad.

I know it is early,

But I had this overpowering need

To hear your voice..

It has been several months

Since you moved out west,

And I guess, for some reason,

Today it just struck me

That I needed to hear your voice.

No, we are both fine

And nothing is wrong.

It is just your dad missing you.

We don’t talk more than a few words

When you call to talk hours with your mom,

But to me, those few words speak volumes.

Well, my angel,

I will let you go back to sleep,

But before I do…Happy Valentine’s Day

And I just want you to know,

I am proud of the young woman you have become.

Give the boys a hug for me

And know you will always be

My baby girl.

Love you.

Sleep tight


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my daughter on Valentine’s day

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R. Lynn Wilson's picture

i'm currently studying abroad in London for the semester, thousands of miles away from my family and friends. i often wondered why, when i would call home, my dad didn't seem to have anything to say... and it hurt a little bit more every time he'd cut me off to ask if i wanted to talk to somebody else... but i realised that's just how he is, not much of a talker but needed to hear my voice. he misses me in his own way, too

anyway, i like this poem a lot. it reminds me of me and my dad... and isn't that the greatest compliment a poet can have -- to transcend situation so that somebody else can apply it to their own life? thank you. :o)

Judy Costea's picture

OH Gosh, are you trying to get me all choked up today... (Sniff)... This is so beautiful... It is breath taking...
Thank you for leading me to this poem...
Peace and Love..