I sit waiting for the executioner’s call,

Waiting, waiting, for the ax to fall.

Will my life be turned upside down,

At the whim of a heartless clown.

Waiting, waiting, will it come,

If not for me, I know for some?

Will my friends be caught up in this purge,

Tomorrow we hum, as they depart, a dirge.

Waiting, waiting is the hardest part,

It weighs heavily on my heart,

Friends I have come to love and trust

Shaken loose no more than dust.

Waiting, waiting as the tension mounts

No consideration for loyalty counts.

Who will be walked out the door,

Who will stay and be asked too do more?

Waiting, Waiting will I be next to go

I hold my head high and pray it is not so.

The waiting is nearly at its end,

As I leave to join the rest of my friends.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for those waiting for a layoff by someone who has been on both sides.

Companion pieces "Waiting is Over" and "A Dream Lost".

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Karyn Indursky's picture

Interesting piece. I know what it feels like to be waiting for something bad to happen, to prepare for it, to be ready to fight, but then there is the point of where you can't live your whole life in fear, anticipating misery, and giving up the good things coming your way because you're too busy waiting for the bad.