Dearly beloved

Dearly beloved we gather-


We introduce-

Ms. Heartbreak to Mr. Pain.


Her love deepens-

With every winked eye.

Her dilemma-

She loves it from every guy.

He has taken apart the love from her hands.

She cared to his wounds with words that-

She's woven.


Mr. Pain knows what he needs.

But, he caters to her pleads.

Beacause, she'll leave and dream-

Her lust will become obsence.

He knows the faster he falls,

The harder he'll crash.

He bites his lip-

Slocuhes down on the love seat.

This routine is mad.


Dearly beloved,

We gathered today.

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Dearly beloved:



And there was I expecting something really romantic. What a sceptical view point of marraige and it's eventual break down. Cleverly written and so cynical. I like your poem and your writing but I read in dismay of the eventual outcome.

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sorry :( lol next time I'll

sorry :(

lol next time I'll make a happier poem lol

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Strong Suit

You write dramatically and well. As for thematic mood? Choose the dark side or light, or in between. With your skills you have a flair for shadows and purity of point taken metaphorically - I read it five times and still I wonder at the tale behind the composition inside a wonderous style ---------- ~Allets~



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thank you so much