Heartbreak Hangover

Could this be worth?

Could this be mine?

Do you mean everything-

Is going to be alright?


I slept in the light-

It was crowded-

Much more than silent.


Where is this love?

I don't feel the same-

Don't know what this is-

Should be given a name?


I dreamt of songs.

I dreamt of sounds.

I saw when gravity-

Lifted me from the ground.


When I woke-

You were there,

Writing scriptures,

Vows on my forehead.


And you said..

"I'd forget 23,

Like I forgot 17."


You'd forget me-

Your first love,

Like I forget-

My daydreams.


But what if I adpot them?

These thoughts,


and the times I had with them?


You promised..

"They'll all fade to grey soon."

Darken craters in the moon.

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heartbreak hangover:



Love may fade in some relationships but it is always renewing itself. Liked your poem an interesting read.




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