It's A Shame

It's a shame that you dont love her better.

Teardrop stains find refuge on her sweater.

And your moves are-

Off in the distance.

Tries with her might-
Cannnot break your resistance.


It's a shame that you don't find her sweeter.

Your standards-

So high.

They will never meet her.

And your smile is-

All she's needing.

But she knows your greetings-

Lack the meaning.


It's a shame that you won't hold her closer.

But her peers around-

Always seem to toast her.

And her moves are-

Becoming distant,

You might realize-

Slowly start to miss it.


It's a shame that you assumed you didnt need her.

For it seems your superiors start to seek her.

And your prescence is less than a memory.

As you become your worst enemy. 

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