My Literature Romance

I've ran through cotton fields-
dodged bullets and intruders with my darling Huckleberry.
His dimples, freckles. Rosy cheeks of red.
The smell of lilies forced into our noses.
Purple and magenta wild berry seeds scattered across our mouths.
Sticky and grainy.
Playful, young-

Finn- nearly in tears when I left-
But, I couldn't resist.
Hamlet's charms and language led me astray.
Romantic and deep. Roses of lust.
Sincere ad beautiful
his eyes. Twilight and shooting stars.
Poetic soliloquies rolled off his tongue.

But- a change appeared.
His eyes grew grim and black.
Mental and paranoid. He watched as I slept.
Asked me to delve in his mind. He wanted answers.
He warned that he thirsts for blood.
Was I deceived?
Was I dancing with the devil along?
I left. Escaping a mad man.

People say-
He went insane.
I wouldn't know.
I was deep in the arms of a new love.
Darcy- Played hard to get..
Maybe uninterested.
Stuck up-yet admirable.
I loved him.
In love alone..I guess.
We danced.
Head over heels.
We ran through the mansion.

Elizabeth who?
A friend.
He assured.
That night-
He left me.

I needed a change. A voyage-
a journey. A met a troubled man.
Mentally lost.
I called him Ahab.
Dark and mysterious.
He rarely spoke.
A scar slashed through his face.
He promised an adventure
He loved the way I threw harpoons-

Well, that didn't work out.
He pushed me into a boat-
forced me to "kill a whale"
He screamed.

I thought-"Too extreme"

As  our boat crashed.

Shipwrecked- in Verona.
Aided by young boy.
Romeo- I think.
Expressed his love for me.
Compulsive, young and annoying-
Not for me.
According to news- he fell for his soul mate.

Spiritual healing led me Dimmesdale.
I never loved him. He was full of pity.
Sickening and sad.
Slowly mentally and physically fading-
He left in the middle of the night.
Leaving me alone-again.
By candlelight. Searching for love-
flipping the pages of my favorite novels.