Amok they run

protected terrorists 

and criminals of an evil 



A Masonic ritual of

divide and conquer


By the power of the almighty god 

I pray against these evil ppl

that the innocent bystanders and

sheep will be protected from these wolves

using Fear to cull the population 


Holy Lamb Jesus protect us and those who do not yet know you

from the violence of the sons of Cain 



Author's Notes/Comments: 
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To which Masonic ritual do

To which Masonic ritual do you allude?---the Blue Lodge, the Scottish Rite, or the York Rite?  Or did you have the Swedish Rite in mind?  As for the violence of the sons of Cain, weren't all of Cain's descendents wiped out by the flood?  How could Cain have sons at this present time?


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